Disney Lorcana Players Suspect a 7th Color Is Coming Soon?!

A still from the Ursula's Return trailer showing seven color strands coming together form the Lorcana logo
Credit: Disney Lorcana / Ravensburger

A still from the Ursula's Return trailer showing seven color strands coming together form the Lorcana logo
Credit: Disney Lorcana / Ravensburger

From the very first set that was released, back in 2023, Disney Lorcana has always had six colors of Ink. In case you’re unfamiliar with them, these colors are Amber, Amethyst, Emerald, Ruby, Sapphire, and Steel. Much like the five colors of Magic: the Gathering, these colors are fundamental to the game’s design and gameplay.

Due to their importance, unsurprisingly, games like MTG dare not touch its sacred five colors. While it has been discussed and joked about, Purple mana has never come close to being added to the game. Curiously, it appears Disney Lorcana may have begun walking down this rarely-trodden path.

According to Disney Lorcana players on Reddit, a new color may be coming to the game soon! That’s one unusual suggestion, at least, that has come from deep scrutiny of the trailer for the Ursula’s Return set.

First released on March 20th, the trailer for Ursula’s Return begins with multiple strands of Ink coming together as the Lorcana logo. Curiously, as you can see above, seven distinct colors can be seen fusing together. Since Lorcana should only have six different colors of Ink, this got many players’ minds running wild.

Taking to the Disney Lorcana Reddit, u/Outside-Inflation471 highlighted the possibility of a “Potential 7th Color in the future…” Right now, as Outside-Inflation471 notes, there’s no telling whether or not this color strand actually means anything. Despite this, several Lorcana players are suggesting this new color could foretell a colorless Ink coming to the game.

Tentatively being called Diamond or Pearl, some players are suggesting this new Ink could be Lorcana’s colorless equivalent. Potentially, these colorless cards could be played in any deck, bypassing the regular two Ink limit. Alternatively, Ravensburger could simply be adding a new color to the game, expanding the potential identity of cards.

Unfortunately, as fun as speculation is, there’s a chance this hope could be in vain. On Reddit, u/PaleoJoe86 rained on the speculatory parade somewhat by stating “Nah. The 7th color is the corrupted thingy in the Ursula PvE package. Corrupted/dark/bad ink is why the characters are all bizarre and under her control.“

Ultimately, while it is theoretically possible that Ravensburger could add a seventh’s Ink color to Disney Lorcana, that seems unlikely. For better or worse, we’re just going to have to wait and see what the future holds, as this is hardly an official confirmation. Given Ursula’s Return launches in less than one month, we’d be very surprised for a brand new color to get shadow-dropped.

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