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Art for the Disney Lorcana card Mickey Mouse - Trumpeter from the Into the Inklands set
Disney Lorcana

Disney Lorcana Is Abandoning Best-of-Three Tournaments

26 Apr 2024
Art for the Disney Lorcana card Ursula - Eric's Bride
Disney Lorcana

Ursula’s Return Debuts Two Brand-New Disney Lorcana Mechanics

25 Apr 2024
Stitch-Rock Star store championship promo art

Lorcana $1000 Store Championship Prize Support Blows Other Games Out of the Water!

24 Apr 2024
Charizard first edition
Pokémon TCG

The Most Expensive Pokémon Cards of All Time!

08 Jul 2024
The Pokemon Absol. Entry was allowed in the top 300 following disqualification. Image is done by Hityoa Sumi
Pokémon TCG

2024 Pokémon TCG Illustrator Contest Disqualifies 6 ‘AI’ Entries!

03 Jul 2024
Pokémon TCG

Pokémon Shrouded Fable, Everything You Need to Know!

02 Jul 2024
The One Piece character Dracule Mihawk sitting in a throne with their hands clasped together.

One Piece TCG Issues Apology for Artwork Error in Upcoming Set

15 Feb 2024
Snake-Eye Flamberge Dragon artwork

Tier 0 TCG Meta Finally Ends!?

07 May 2024
Card art for the Yu-Gi-Oh! card Nightmare Apprentice from Legacy of Destruction

Yu-Gi-Oh! Most Expensive Legacy of Destruction Cards

03 May 2024
Trident Dragion Art

15-Year old Yu-Gi-Oh! Card sees 580% Increase to over $100!

02 May 2024
Artwork for Miku's Spark
Magic: The Gathering

New Hatsune Miku Trading Card Game Crossover Announced

03 May 2024
Kellan Joins Up artwork from Outlaws of Thunder Junction

Wizards of the Coast President to Step Down Next Week

17 Apr 2024
ajani nacatl avenger magic the gathering modern horizons 3

Brazilians Displeased By WoTC Decision to Drop Language From Future Cards

27 Feb 2024