One Piece TCG Issues Apology for Artwork Error in Upcoming Set

The One Piece character Dracule Mihawk sitting in a throne with their hands clasped together.
Credit: One Piece | Toei Animation

The One Piece character Dracule Mihawk sitting in a throne with their hands clasped together.
Credit: One Piece | Toei Animation

The One Piece TCG has had to issue an apology about an error on an upcoming special edition of a card. The card itself is a prize for the Flagship Battle from January to March. For better or worse, the card is not one that many players will actually get their hands on.

The error is on the special edition version of OP01-070 Dracule Mihawk, which depicts the master swordsman staring forward with an intense focus, presumably about to cut a few things into at least halves with his enormous blade. Mihawk is a fascinating character in the series, and anyone who loves Zoro will likely have some pretty intense feelings about him.

The good news is that the error is pretty minute, but it's worth noting nonetheless. Due to the amount of hard work that goes into the game from illustrators, the One Piece TCG is usually spotless. The specific error on OP01-070 Dracule Mihawk is the illustrator's name being incorrectly listed.

Rather than correctly displaying Studio Vigor Co.,Ltd as the illustrator, this misprint instead reads "Studio Vigor Co.,L." While this change is minor, the TCG's creators nonetheless apologized in the announcement. Despite this apology, the misprinted copies of the card cannot be exchanged for revised versions.

"Unfortunately, we will not exchange the incorrect card to the revised one.
We apology for the inconvenience again and hope we can get your forgiveness."

The One Piece TCG prize card OP01-070  Dracule Mihawk which features a small misprint.
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Credit: One Piece TCG
The illustrator text may be tiny, but this card is still a misprint.

The Flagship Battle is a special ongoing tournament that semi-regularly cycles through new prizes. Like promos in MTG, these prices are a great way to encourage more players to get into the competitive side of the One Piece TCG. Even if players aren't interested in the cards themselves, usually they can be sold for a hefty profit.

There's a possibility that this error could actually increase the value of the card on the secondary market. Whether or not this will happen, however, remains to be seen. Errors like this can either inflate or deflate the value of a card, as we've seen in other TCGs.

On the plus side though, at least it's not as bad as some of the other printing errors that have hit TCGs. Take the German mistranslation of Goddric, Cloaked Reveller in MTG, which has the card stating permanent cards instead of permanents. That might not seem like much for those who don't know Magic: The Gathering, but it quite literally makes the card worse, and more confusing. It's not like the game needs to be any more confusing at this point either, with every MTG card containing roughly a light novel's worth of text.

Ultimately, we feel bad for good old Dracule Mihawk, and we feel worse for the illustrator being incorrectly named, but for players at least, this kind of error is a lot easier to stomach than some other printing errors can be.

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