Lorcana $1000 Store Championship Prize Support Blows Other Games Out of the Water!

Stitch-Rock Star store championship promo art
Credit: Ravensburger

Stitch-Rock Star store championship promo art
Credit: Ravensburger

Everyone enjoys their TCG experiences differently. Whether you’re a collector, a casual player, or a competitive fan, everyone’s experience of a particular card game may not be the same as the rest of the community. One thing that many TCGs have in common, however, is that there is a competitive scene, and those scenes get support from the creators of the card game.

Store Championships are not an unheard-of phenomenon between different card games. Magic: the Gathering has held events like this for years. Nowadays, the top prize is gorgeous full-art textless promotional cards that typically are worth a decent chunk of change.

Lorcana's first Store Championship series is in a league of its own, offering prizes that outshine those of other card games. Winning a Store Championship, held at various local game stores, could earn you a staggering $1000 USD worth of prizes. With some tournaments having as few as eight participants, the potential return on investment is significant. Let’s delve into what makes these Store Championship prizes so captivating.

Stitch - Rock Star

The Stitch - Rock Star Store Championship promotional card on a blurred background
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Credit: Ravensburger

Players who manage to win a Lorcana Store Championship earn two things: a playmat with the card art of this exclusive Stitch - Rock Star Store Championship promo and the card itself.

As far as secondary market value goes, it's all about the exclusivity of this promo. Stitch—Rock Star is not a mechanically unique card, which means that a printing of this card already exists within the game. The original Stitch—Rock Star was a card offered in The First Chapter and is worth about $3.56.

The promotional Store Championship version of Stitch - Rock Star has been sold on TCGplayer for a staggering range of $500-$740! Most copies of this card are valued at about $620 at the time of writing. The exclusivity and rarity of this Stitch card have catapulted its value, making it a highly coveted item among collectors and TCG enthusiasts.

A big part of this has to do with the collectability of the Disney franchise. Lorcana players aren’t going to be the only ones interested in these limited Stitch collectibles; any Stitch fan would want to get their hands on these. The unexpected demand definitely had an unexpected effect on not just Stitch-Rock Star but also on the Store Championship playmat.

According to TCGplayer, the Store Championship playmat featuring the artwork of the Stitch - Rock Star promo is being listed for about $400. This is an incredibly luxurious amount of money to spend on even limited edition playmats from larger card games, which, once again, suggests that collectors are ballooning this price significantly.

If you’re confident at learning a new TCG or are already involved with the metagame of Lorcana, consider getting a deck together and trying for an incredibly valuable Store Championship payout. Rewards like this don’t come around often. Don’t expect it to happen again.

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