Ursula's Return Announced as Disney Lorcana's Next Set

A still frame or Ursula from the new Ursula's Return Story Trailer
Credit: Disney Lorcana & Ravensburger

A still frame or Ursula from the new Ursula's Return Story Trailer
Credit: Disney Lorcana & Ravensburger

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Disney Lorcana is on a roll at the moment going from strength to strength and showing itself to have the potential to be a long-term staple of the TCG world.

The sheer staying power of the characters aside, the gameplay is a blast, and it's surprisingly approachable, too. That's probably why the game is starting to settle into a standard hype cycle, and that means that we've just had the official announcement regarding the next big Lorcana set.

The next set is going to be called Ursula's Return, and while we're fairly sure she never went away, it sounds like she'll be back in much the same way that the Backstreet Boys were back three decades ago. The announcement is fairly small but does hide some cool details.

For one, the Madrigals will now be coming to the game. For those who don't know, the Madrigals are the family at the heart of the incredible Encanto, and nearly all of them have amazing abilities including super strength, shape-shifting, the ability to see the future, and also the ability to make food that heals you. It's a good mix of abilities, and it'll be cool to see how they're all implemented into Lorcana.

Along with that, it seems that a new quest will appear. The announcement states "With this release comes a first-of-its-kind Illumineer’s Quest. Playing in a group or solo, you’ll go up against Ursula whose powers increase throughout the battle. Deploying her entangled army, she’ll do anything to slow you and your group down. Work together and you may just end up victorious."

It sounds like a raid battle, and we're very intrigued by how that'll actually feel to play. Will one player be taking control of Ursula, or will it be something else entirely? We'll have to wait to find out, but the good news is that this set is only a couple of months away, releasing on May 17th in your LCG, and then May 31st everywhere else.

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