New Japanese Secret Rare Pokémon Cards Flood the Internet!

Image for Carmine Secret Rare card releasing in Mask of Change and Twilight Masquerade
Credit: Pokémon Company

Image for Carmine Secret Rare card releasing in Mask of Change and Twilight Masquerade
Credit: Pokémon Company

The relationship between the Pokémon TCG sets between Japan and the rest of the world can be a little… confusing. Like Yu-Gi-Oh!, the Pokémon TCG seems to work a bit differently in Japan. Over there, Mask of Change will be officially released in just two days. As far as North American players are concerned, Mask of Change cards will show up in Twilight Masquerade, which releases on May 24th.

Even though we’re still two days away from the official release of Mask of Change, fans are starting to show off their Secret Rare loot, flooding the internet with new information. Thanks to Pokebeach, we have some information on early pull rates for these coveted cards, as well as some information on what you can expect to find for this rarity.

Mask of Change Expected Secret Rare Pull Rate

If, for whatever reason, you want to dive into some Mask of Change cards from Japan, knowing what to expect in a Booster Box can help prepare your expectations. According to Pokebeach, you can expect one Secret Rare, one ACE SPEC, three Illusion Rares, and four Double Rares. Of course, exact pull rates are going to vary by box, but this should give an impression of what to expect.

Secret Rare Pokémon Mask of Change Cards

The Secret Rare treatment of Carmine releasing in Mask of Change and Twilight Masquerade
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Credit: Pokémon Company

These Secret Rare Mask of Change cards look absolutely gorgeous. Full-art prints for a variety of different Pokemon, like Munkidori, Okidogi, Fezandipiti, Chimecho, Timburr, Dipplin, and many more, have suddenly been revealed. We don’t appear to know what all of the full art prints available look like yet, but we do know that there appear to be 33 different Secret Rares to collect in Mask of Change.

English variations of these cards appearing in Twilight Masquerade have already begun to be revealed as well. The Carmine Trainer card shown above, for example, is an English variation of a Mask of Change Secret Rare.

If you want to see everything that Japanese players have revealed for Mask of Change Secret Rares so far, this is a great place to find them. If you’re excited about the upcoming Twilight Masquerade release in just a month’s time, keeping an eye on Mask of Change, and how it affects the Japanese metagame can help you get prepared to make a big splash.

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