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Pokémon TCG Live is an amazing app that allows Pokémon fans to play the beloved trading card game via their phones or other mobile devices. This is a great tool for first-time players to get a grip on the game and how it works overall. Not only will you be able to go head-to-head against other players, but you will also be able to design your own decks and save them in your inventory.

With each paper, or real-life booster pack that is opened, there is a card inside that allows players to redeem a digital pack of playing cards on Pokémon TCG Live. Opening the digital booster pack is almost the exact same as opening a real-life pack, where you get a group of cards with a possible chance of a rare. However, if you were to buy a tin or other Pokemon TCG merchandise that comes with a promo card, players will receive a code card for that promo.

Sometimes, The Pokémon Company will run events that allow players to redeem a code worldwide, receiving a cool reward. Sometimes, they will offer a free booster pack to players. Other times, it might be a different type of reward inside the game. Below is a list of codes that are currently avaliable and working for Pokemon TCG Live as well as the past expired codes. This article will be updated as new redeemable codes become available.

All Available Pokémon TCG Live Code List

Working Pokémon TCG Live Codes

  • Evolving Skie: LM2-PYP4-XXB-D7K
  • Fusion Strike: W2Y-9HM6-YJM-BZY

Expired Pokémon TCG Live Codes

  • Paradox Rift: JRP-2ZB2-B7Q-YVH
  • Paradox Rift: J9M-ZMTX-MCG-GQK
  • Paradox Rift: J2C-YPVR-PYJ-WW9
  • Paradox Rift: JND-ZJ9B-NVH-WWT
  • Paradox Rift: JY7-9DR2-M4P-PM-W
  • Paradox Rift: JJD-MQTV-GLZ-MCR
  • Paradox Rift: J4C-RXH9-CGQ-VPQ
  • Paradox Rift: JJQ-C2MN-PLV-BD4
  • Paradox Rift: JHT-PQXR-QDW-2BR
  • Obsidian Flames: ZRQ-HWDX-RGV-MKR
  • Obsidian Flames: Z7H-WWQQ-NJQ-LQV
  • Obsidian Flames: ZR4-ZHVP-K-PL-Q6 R
  • Obsidian Flames: ZV4-GCXZ-WZ6-QPJ
  • Obsidian Flames: Z2D-7WQ2-PJH-LQG
  • Obsidian Flames: ZPL-QQWK-MTP-ND2
  • Obsidian Flames: RX9-ZCTG-KK2-2V9
  • Obsidian Flames: RZL-H46K-96Y-LKJ
  • Obsidian Flames: RVG-6NGB-TGM-BJJ
  • Obsidian Flames: RNR-49N7-KQL-BPC
  • Obsidian Flames: R2Y-24XC-HXL-2VV
  • Obsidian Flames: RHD-P7T4-LJQ-WJ6
  • Obsidian Flames: R7C-W4HX-VWN-MGN
  • Obsidian Flames: RQD-4L2B-Z62-XDY
  • Obsidian Flames: RK9-K42K-97X-J66
  • Obsidian Flames: RCY-PBWD-7LY-9BZ
  • Obsidian Flames: RWY-M7GJ-LL6-KQ6
  • Obsidian Flames: RGC-CTQZ-DMH-TW9
  • Obsidian Flames: RB4-BLTB-WDC-JL2
  • Obsidian Flames: RXD-RVHN-TM4-LTN
  • Obsidian Flames: RRQ-TBTK-G9G-7BN
  • Obsidian Flames: RRC-2RCC-7Y7-YYR
  • Pokémon 151: RXY-B7TJ-LQP-YN2
  • Pokémon 151: 6N9-NM46-69Y-WYD
  • Pokémon 151: 6JT-PXD4-X6X-6M2
  • Pokémon 151: RCC-VPJ7-JDL-J6J
  • Pokémon 151: RW9-4RNK-NJQ-LBB
  • Pokémon 151: G4H-VQXW-NL2-2QW
  • Pokémon 151: M49-LBYR-X4L-6W9
  • Pokémon 151: M67-QZ42-YJP-PN6
  • Pokémon 151: BXH-X2XQ-HJ9-ZZ6
  • Pokémon 151: MN7-QZH4-64W-MM6
  • Pokémon 151: M72-GDM7-Q7B-XMJ
  • Pokémon 151: BXV-RDVV-ZC9-JG4
  • Pokémon 151: 4N9-RK26-DCQ-TRP
  • Pokémon 151: 9ZB-H69M-CBL-N72
  • Pokémon 151: DTQ-6JNM-YY6-49C
  • Pokémon 151: BJ9-YZZQ-NHQ-D4V
  • Pokémon 151: R6R-QY9Y-KQM-GNT
  • Pokémon 151: R7H-PC6H-DWQ-RH9
  • Pokémon 151: D67-HTRL-JYV-7VX
  • Pokémon 151: DMX-TPCV-62D-MQ2
  • Pokémon 151: DGH-Y7MX-VR6-PMP
  • Pokémon 151: DZH-96QX-NWJ-ZDV
  • Pokémon 151: DWZ-KXW9-7N6-MQY
  • Pokémon 151: D9Y-H64D-KK9-Y7R
  • Pokémon 151: DPT-TKCK-ZQK-PBN
  • Brilliant Stars: DPL-2QJZ-RKP-6WL
  • Scarlet & Violet: MZY-PD9R-QV4-4PC
  • Crown Zenith: 966-K9KV-JTY-BRH
  • Crown Zenith: 96L-W94X-94W-WLT
  • Crown Zenith: 96Z-NXP4-6CX-VWT
  • Crown Zenith: 97H-46GY-DRX-4DL
  • Crown Zenith: 97M-YPQJ-BCN-47X
  • Crown Zenith: 97Z-2ZBR-CNM-CGD
  • Crown Zenith: 994-HRQJ-7GD-CNT
  • Crown Zenith: 99N-MVG2-2KG-RGL
  • Crown Zenith: 99Q-9N2C-VPY-T6P
  • Rallying Cry: C7Z-QZTM-BZZ-QVW
  • Celebrations: Y7X-XWGQ-HG4-BYQ
  • Celebrations: M96-C7KW-9HG-7W7

New codes become available at various times over the course of a few months. They usually release a new one when a new set of cards is released, which is normally every three months.

Pokémon TCG Live is available on all mobile devices, including PC, so that you can get in some extra practice, but also design some amazing decks.

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