Pokémon Temporal Forces Prerelease Promos Revealed

Artwork from Pokémon Temporal Forces TCG for Iron Crown
Credit: Nintendo

Artwork from Pokémon Temporal Forces TCG for Iron Crown
Credit: Nintendo

We're only a couple of weeks away from the full release of Temporal Forces, which is coming out on March 22. While players have to wait a little while longer for proper access, Temporal Forces prereleases have already begun, and hitting them up is well worth it! You can get some incredibly cool alternate-art monsters for doing so.

Some players will already have their hands on these, but they're still worth shouting about if you've got a last-minute chance to get in on a prerelease for Pokémon Scarlet & Violet: Temporal Forces. You'll need to go to a proper prerelease using a Build & Battle Box to nab any of these. Aside from getting to play with the new cards early, which is always a treat, you'll also get a special card with unique artwork.

Miraidon prerelease promo with artwork from Temporal Forces
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Credit: Nintendo

You can nab Feraligatr (SV089), Metang (SV090), Koraidon (SV091), and Miraidon (SV092) just for turning up. The Feraligatr and Metang are both cool, but you should really be hoping for the Koraidon or Miraidon.

While it'd be easy to think that the main reason for this is simply the value of those cards, and that certainly helps, they could also help you get a few more wins in the event itself.

The cards themselves are from the Japanese sets Wild Force and Cyber Judge, which were released in January this year. It's nice to see them coming to the West. The artwork is also new to the Japanese market, so players all over the place will be very pleased to get their hands on these cards.

Just make sure you act quickly, as prerelease events can be pretty heavily booked, so it rarely makes sense to wait around for too long. If these Temporal Forces prerelease promos tickle your fancy, but you've missed the chance to grab them, be sure to sign up early for the next Pokémon TCG prerelease in your area.

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