Konami Unveils Details of Battle of Legends Terminal Revenge

Credit: Konami

Credit: Konami

Big fans of the Yu-Gi-Oh TCG world have another treat to look forward to for 2024.

Scheduled to launch on June 20, 2024, the Battles of Legend: Terminal Legend expansion pack brings even more new cards to the table. According to Konami, these cards will support "4 of the most popular themes introduced in the world of the Duel Terminal arcade game!"

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Credit: Konami

Experienced duelists will easily recognize these themes as forming the backbone of gameplay involving the booster sets for the Hidden Arsenal. This new set blends the Hidden Arsenal plot with additional theme cards for Ice Barrier, Genex, Infernoid, and Ritual Beast cards.

Unfortunately, since the expansion pack's release date is quite a way away, Konami hasn't revealed any specific cards just yet. Instead, we've only been told a handful of details about what we can expect. While this may not be much, the new cards nonetheless sound very exciting.


A new level 10 Ice Barrier Synchro is slated to appear in the Battle of Legends: Terminal Revenge set. Whenever you put this card into play from your hand, it summons any Ice Barrier monster card that happens to be on your Deck or Extra Deck, your hand, or even your Graveyard!

In other words, the new Level 10 Synchro is so powerful that it doesn’t even matter if your opponent has previously banished or KO’d an Ice Barrier monster. There’s simply no getting away from its attack.


Just like the Level 10 Synchro, the new Level 10 “Genex” Synchro that the Terminal Legend set brings into the table can also resurrect any monsters that have been sent to your Graveyard.

It becomes even more powerful when used together with the Genex Controller card, which allows you to summon to the battle a brand-new Link-1 monster.

This new monster can set you up for infinite Normal Summons if you play your cards right. This card can automatically Normal Summon any “Genex” card that you add to your hand through card effects.


The “Ritual Beast” theme is a numbers game. Ritual Beasts cannot be summoned more than once per turn, and they require Tamers as well. If you’ve got many of these in your hand and Deck, you can certainly set yourself up a strategy for victory.

The new Terminal Legend booster set gives you more Beasts and Tamers to play with, a new Lara card, and 2 new Ulti-class Ritual Beasts.


The Terminal Legend set introduces a brand new Level 1 “Infernoid” Fusion Monster that lets you capitalize or even reverse previous battle losses of Infernoid monsters.

This new card’s effects are two-fold: first, it multiplies any Infernoid monster that has been knocked out by your opponent and banished and, second, it summons a Link-4 “Infernoid” Link Monster for a final attack.

The best thing about this card is that the summoning cannot negated by the game’s total Level or Rank restrictions for a Special Summon. It is an unstoppable force that can help turn the tides in your favor.

Make sure to grab a pack or two to add to your deck when Battles of Legend: Terminal Revenge hits the store in June! Every 5-card pack contains 4 Ultra Rare cards and 1 Secret Rare card.

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