Disney Lorcana Has a New Devastating Infinite Combo

Art for the Disney Lorcana card Sheriff Of Nottingham, Corrupt Official
Credit: Disney/Ravensburger

Art for the Disney Lorcana card Sheriff Of Nottingham, Corrupt Official
Credit: Disney/Ravensburger

There are only a few days left until the release of the Disney Lorcana Into the Inklands expansion. With countless new cards having been revealed already, excitement for this set is sky-high right now. With new Location cards making their debut alongside fan-favorite Disney franchises, this upcoming set has it all!

Beyond looking like a ton of flavor and fun, it appears that Into the Inklands has also created a brand-new infinite combo in Disney Lorcana! Facilitated by two cards in the upcoming set, this combo threatens a devastating win condition. If excitement wasn't already high enough, this discovery has pushed it one step further!

To play this newfangled combo once the set releases, you'll only need three cards. Two of these, The Bayou and Sheriff of Nottingham, are from the new Into the Inklands expansion. You'll also need Beast, Relentless from Rise of the Floodborn as they're vital to this new combo.

Beast Relentless, The Bayou, Sheriff of Nottingham Corrupt Official cards from Disney Lorcana
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Credit: Disney/Lorcana
The three cards you'll need for this brand-new combo.

At its core, this combo revolves around Beast, Relentless' Second Wind ability that allows you to ready them time and time again. So long as you have a sufficient engine to deal chip damage, this effect can be triggered multiple times each turn. While it's never been a combo before emerald-steel decks have already been using this ability to great effect.

Thankfully for combo fans, two new cards from Into the Inklands create the perfect engine that allows Beast, Relentless to potentially end games in an instant. Once both Sheriff of Nottingham, Corrupt Official and The Bayou are in play, you have all the pieces you need. All you need to do after that is move Beast Relentless to The Bayou and begin questing!

As soon as you quest once at this location, you'll start a potentially game-ending loop of draw effects, damage triggers, and questing. To explain things, here's a quick rundown of exactly how the combo works.

First, Beast, Relentless quests for two lore on The Bayou location. Questing here triggers The Bayou, allowing you to draw and then discard a card. This, in turn, triggers Sheriff of Nottingham, Corrupt Official who gets to deal one damage to any opposing creature. Once this happens, Beast, Relentless' Second Wind ability activates, readying them again. From here, you're back to step one, so you can activate it over and over again.

If that description is a bit much to follow, here's a video of the combo in action:

Technically, this new Disney Lorcana combo is not the first to exist in the game. Previously, a four-card combo was discovered by players, however, this was too cumbersome to pull off reliably. Since the new Bayou Beast combo only uses three cards it's instantly more reliable and consistent.

While this consistency is incredibly enticing, unfortunately, there is a problem with this combo. It may be infinite, but the loop will only last for as long as your opponent has characters to target. For a one-turn kill your opponent must have characters with at least ten toughness which is far from guaranteed.

Ultimately, since this combo requires your opponent to participate, players may be able to avoid falling into your combo trap. That being said, there's no denying that this combo still has plenty of potential that could shake up the Disney Lorcana meta. Whether or not this will happen as we predict, ultimately remains to be seen.

If you want to pull off this combo for yourself, you'll have to wait until Into the Floodlands launches. Thankfully, the set's release date is just a few days away. Starting Friday, February 23, Into the Floodlands will be available from local hobby stores as part of the set's early access release.

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