The Brand-New Dragon Ball Super Card Game Fusion World Launches Today

A headshot of Son Goku from Dragon Ball Super Card Game Fusion World
Credit: Bandai Namco

A headshot of Son Goku from Dragon Ball Super Card Game Fusion World
Credit: Bandai Namco

Dragon Ball Super Card Game: Fusion World may be a long jumble of words that will only mean something to a select group of people, but for those of us in that group, today's a very good day indeed. That's because today marks the release date of this new Dragon Ball Super card game, and we're pretty excited about it.

Well, February 16, which is today at the time of writing, is the prerelease date for those of us in the USA. Readers in the UK will have to wait until February 19 instead, which isn't too bad but does mean any plans you may have had to indulge in this over the weekend are well and truly scuppered. The official release date for the Fusion World card game is February 23, but prerelease events are happening now, and products are purchasable.

This release date is only for the physical portion of the game. There is a digital version and a version that some people will have played during beta, but there doesn't appear to be any news on that right now, which is a little odd. We'll keep our eyes peeled for that because we're running out of room for more cards at home.

The launch of Dragon Ball Super Card Game: Fusion World brings the first four decks and some cool sleeves. The decks are Son Goku, Vegeta, Broly, and Frieza. Each depicts the featured characters at the height of their powers, and each deck shows off them at the heart of things.

The sleeves are incredibly cool for long-term Dragon Ball fans, too. There are Standard Black ones with the seven Dragon Balls on them. The Son Goku sleeves have Goku's signature orange gi on them with his symbol.

The Capsule Corp. sleeves are white with the tech company's logo. Finally, the Red Ribbon Army is black with the Red Ribbon Army logo on it. We love them, but we've not tested how easy they make shuffling, how well they protect things, or what size they are.

We'll take some time getting to grips with this new card game when we get the chance, but do get out there and look at the decks if you're a big Dragon Ball fan because it's always nice to go Super Saiyan.

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