New Disney Lorcana Foils Have Surprisingly Unique Details!

Art for the Disney Lorcana card Scrooge McDuck, Richest Duck in the World
Credit: Disney/Ravensburger

Art for the Disney Lorcana card Scrooge McDuck, Richest Duck in the World
Credit: Disney/Ravensburger

Disney Lorcana has some incredible artwork. It's not a huge surprise, given how the source material spans pretty much the entirety of the most beloved and popular films and TV shows in human history. Unsurprisingly, getting cool new takes on classic childhood favorites is part of the appeal.

As if the art wasn't interesting enough on its own, Into the Inklands has made Disney Lorcana that much cooler. In a unique twist, the latest Lorcana cards have gone above and beyond to accentuate the stunning art that we all love.

Some of the new foils from Into the Inklands have some very cool details. Not only are these foil cards Cold Foils, which should last longer and not curl, but they also have unique details. The most obvious of these can be seen on Scrooge McDuck, Richest Duck in the World.

Beyond being a good card in its own right, when foil, this card has dollar signs in the background and main art. These shine especially well when the card is in motion, but they're a nice detail even when it's down on the board. There's also the hoard of coins in the text box, which is awesome.

For better or worse, not every new card is as striking as Scrooge McDuck's foil treatment. Since many cards have alternative art treatments, there is still some fierce competition. Take Robin Hood, Champion of Sherwood's Cold Foil as an example of this.

Breaking away from the regular artwork that features Robin Hood clad in armor, the Cold Foil variant is much more heroic. To amp up this feeling of excitement, one of the arrows in the frame even peeks beyond the card's borders. While this isn't much, it nonetheless makes the card more exciting!

Ultimately, while they may not be major, these details are just really cool given how early in the life of Lorcana we are. With practically limitless possibilities, there are so many ways that artwork can interact and compliment the design of a card. So long as it doesn't make the cards harder to recognize, we're all for it!

In case you're unclear, we're 100% taking a dig at Magic: The Gathering here. While this TCG does do some cool stuff with artwork, the world simply doesn't need 4,542,123 different alternate versions of every card.

Anyway, good work Lorcana, we appreciate you.

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