New Pokemon Set Rumored to be Revealed

Terapagos's basic forme in front of a blurred image of its final form
Credit: Nintendo

Terapagos's basic forme in front of a blurred image of its final form
Credit: Nintendo

Sure, we're still a ways away from a few different Pokémon sets at this point, but that's not going to stop the next batch of leaks from stopping. This time around, we've got a rumor about the next set to be revealed, and while it won't be coming out until July, it's still an exciting little bit of news.

Apparently, the next set will be called Stella Miracle. It's meant to still be a part of the whole Pokémon Scarlet and Violet expansion, but given the title, it sounds a lot like it could be going beyond the games this time and even potentially introducing a new mechanic to the card game, which is always fun.

According to the rumors posted on Pokeguardian, the set will launch on July 19th this year and is currently of an unknown size. It is expected to be a standard set in terms of booster box size. There will also be Terapagos (Stellar Form) deck sleeves and deck boxes alongside it, which is our first hint as to what the name means.

Terapagos base forme in front of a blurred final forme image
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Credit: Nintendo

Terapagos is a Pokémon that some players might not know well, as it was only introduced into the universe with The Indigo Disk expansion to the video games. It's a cute normal type that has three forms, one of which is the Stellar Form, which is completely coated with Terastal energy and has icons on it that represent each of the Pokémon types.

In this form, it can absorb the Terastal energy from Terastallized Pokémon, and that might be a hint at what the beast could do in the card game, although we're not sure how they'd implement that. While it's possible that only Terapagos will have a stellar form, it's also possible that we'll be getting it as a full mechanic, meaning other Pokémon will also get a new form.

Along with the set itself, there are meant to be two new decks, which are starter sets with Tera Type Stellar Ceruledge ex and Tera Type Stellar Sylveon ex heading them up. These will apparently be coming at the end of August.

It's worth noting that all of this is still basically speculation at this point, and while PokeGuardian states it comes from a reliable source, we can't confirm that, so this is basically just a rumor on our end.

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