An Adorable New Pokémon TCG Promo Has Been Revealed

Art for the new Pachirisu promo card from the Pokémon TCG
Credit: The Pokémon Company

Art for the new Pachirisu promo card from the Pokémon TCG
Credit: The Pokémon Company

Good news for fans of cute electric creatures, but one not called Pikachu, because a brand-new Pokémon TCG promo card has been revealed! If you're lucky, you'll be able to get your hands on this card starting today, February 21st. The promo card is coming to us via the April 2024 issue of CoroCoro Ichiban! Magazine.

In case you're unfamiliar, this is a Japanese magazine that has a fair few joke mangas in it and has a focus on not just Pokémon, but also on other Nintendo games too. Thankfully, if you're after this promo, you can get the CoroCoro Ichiban! Magazine outside of Japan. To do that, however, you'll likely have to trek to a specialist shop or go online.

The actual promo card is of Pachirisu, the adorable little electric squirrel that was introduced in Gen IV of the series, and if we're being honest, doesn't have a huge amount going for it outside of its incredibly cute design.

The new Pachirisu promo card from the CoroCoro Ichiban! Magazine for the Pokémon TCG
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Credit: The Pokémon Company
Look at this little Pachirisu go!

This version of the card will have, according to the translation on PokeGuardian, two abilities. The first will cost one Colorless and is called Blink Charge. Blink Charge lets you flip three coins, and then for each heads you get you can attach a basic lightning energy from your discard pile to any of your benched Pokémon. This is a pretty entertaining ability and could end up seeing some play in a few niche decks, but we're not expecting it to change the game in any meaningful way.

The other ability is Tiny Bolt, which costs one Lightning and one Colorless, and does 30 damage. Again, it's nothing special, but it's always nice to have a damaging attack. Parichisu has 70 HP, and as it has no evolutions, has to stand on its own against a lot of far more dangerous threats. It's a cute card though, and the artwork is very nice, so it could be worth grabbing if you're a squirrel or electric enthusiast, or if you just really like collecting cards.

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