YuGiOh News Reveals New Ultra Rare Promo Cards For Valuable Book EX 4

Credit: Konami

Credit: Konami

March is traditionally the month of release for The Valuable Book, a series of catalogs that aim to inform players of the Yu-Gi-Oh! official card game (OCG) of the current card prices in the market.

It has been a staple for the publishers to include two Ultra Rare promotional cards with every annual release. The first Valuable Book, which came out on March 19, 2021, included the Curse of Dragon, the Magical Knight Dragon, and the Pile Armed Dragon promotional cards.

Of course, The Valuable Book EX 4 is not an exception. The book, which is due to come out on March 22 this year, contains the Archfiend’s Arrival and Phantom of Yubel, as revealed in an X post by YuGiOh News.

Unfortunately, only images of the upcoming two promotional cards are available. Translations of the card text may come out once the catalog is officially released next month.

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Credit: Konami
Archfiend's Arrival and the Phantom of Yubel

According to Yugipedia, the only information available on the Phantom of Yubel shows that it is a DARK Monster card that also falls into the Fiend, Fusion, and Effect types, and is at Level 9. Its ATK and DEF specs are both at 0.

On the other hand, Archfiend’s Arrival is a Level 6 Monster with a DARK attribute and is categorized into the Fiend and Effect types. It has 2500 ATK and 1200 DEF.

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