Disney Lorcana Players Find Commons Replacing Rare Cards

Maleficient's card art from the Enchanted Rare treatment in Into the Inklands
Credit: Ravensburger

Maleficient's card art from the Enchanted Rare treatment in Into the Inklands
Credit: Ravensburger

The Into the Inklands expansion for Disney’s Lorcana TCG finally dropped last Friday, but it seems not all players are happy with their hauls from the release. There are some, like our Reddit user here, who are unfortunate enough to encounter issues with their Booster Box purchases.

Imagine feeling excited about the Rare cards that you can add to your deck, only to find out that they have been replaced with Commons. It probably felt like Zeus had thrown down his lightning from above with a head-splitting thunder to accentuate the point.

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Credit: Reddit/Ravensburger

These are some of the cards that user MarketingOwn3547 had pulled from one of his packs from the expansion set. These included a Scroop - Backstabber, Patch - Intimidating Pup, and a Starkey - Devious Pirate, among others.

Although two of his packs had Rare foils, the Redditor said that the rest of the packs in his box contained Commons instead of the Rare ones he was expecting. He appears to have submitted a ticket in anger to Ravensburger to try to get some compensation for this mistake. Understandably, he is not pleased.

To make matters worse, MarketingOwn3547 said that he bought two boxes from the same case that contained these error cards.

He’s now nervous to open them as they might have the same outcome - although we’d say he’s better off opening them so he can process a second ticket.

Other Redditors said that they encountered the same issue. Segundus2, in particular, said he opened four Booster packs with similar Common card issues. He said he contacted Ravensburger immediately to rectify the issue.

As a result, Segundus2 was asked to send back the 20 unopened Boosters from the set of 24 that he had purchased. Ravensburger initially told him he’d receive a replacement only for the unopened Booster packs but sent in a complete box anyway.

On the other hand, user focusahead said he also had issues with his booster box, which came from the same lot number as MarketingOwn3547’s cards.

This doesn’t seem to be a good start for Ravensburger’s latest release, as multiple users are reporting similar issues with their Into the Inklands purchases on social media.

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