Pokémon TCG Twilight Masquerade Speculated Cards

Ogerpon artwork from twilight masquerade

Ogerpon artwork from twilight masquerade

The Pokémon Company has recently confirmed that their next Pokémon TCG card set will be called Twilight Masquerade. This set of cards is bringing some Pokémon that were previously introduced back in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet's DLC Teal Mask. This includes Pokémon like Ogerpon with a different EX card per its different mask, Bloodmoon, Ursaluna, and Sinistcha.

Not only will we be getting cards featuring these Pokémon, but trainer boxes and other merchandise that seem to center heavily around Ogerpon will be released alongside this set. One of the coolest things about this upcoming set is the fact that you can use Ogerpon's mask item card while in a match to switch between Ogerpon's different types, making it super easy to change up types on your opponent.

There will be a total of seven different Tera Pokemon EX, which will including Magcargo with Fire Tera, Greninja with Fighting Tera, Dragapult with Dragon Tera, and then all four different Ogerpon EX Tera cards. The set contans 21 illustration rare Pokemon cards, 11 special illustration rare Pokemon and Supporter cards as well. Finally, the set will have six hyper rare gold cards and 30 other trainer cards.

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet Twilight Masquerade Speculated Card List

Ogrepon's mask card Pokemon TCG
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Credit: Pokemon TCG

Below is a list of the cards that are speculated to be in the new Twilight Masquerade set. Note that this is before chaser cards.

  • Pinsir (Crimson Haze)
  • Spinarak (Crimson Haze)
  • Ariados (Crimson Haze)
  • Celebi (Battle Academy)
  • Nymble (Battle Academy)
  • Lokix (Battle Academy)
  • Toedscool (Battle Academy)
  • Toedscruel (Battle Academy)
  • Iron Leaves (Crimson Haze)
  • Teal Mask Ogerpon (Mask of Change)
  • Teal Mask Ogerpon ex (Mask of Change)
  • Ponyta (Battle Academy)
  • Rapidash (Battle Academy)
  • Slugma (Crimson Haze)
  • Magcargo ex (Crimson Haze)
  • Chimchar (Crimson Haze)
  • Monferno (Crimson Haze)
  • Infernape (Crimson Haze)
  • Reshiram (Battle Academy)
  • Charcadet (Battle Academy)
  • Armarouge ex (Battle Academy)
  • Hearthflame Mask Ogerpon ex (Mask of Change)
  • Lapras (Battle Academy)
  • Marill (Battle Academy)
  • Azumarill (Battle Academy)
  • Phione (Crimson Haze)
  • Froakie (Battle Academy)
  • Frogadier (Battle Academy)
  • Greninja ex (Battle Academy)
  • Cramorant (Crimson Haze)
  • Walking Wake (Crimson Haze)
  • Wellspring Mask Ogerpon ex (Mask of Change)
  • Pikachu ex (Battle Academy)
  • Mareep (Battle Academy)
  • Flaaffy (Battle Academy)
  • Ampharos (Battle Academy)
  • Pawmi (Battle Academy)
  • Morpeko (Crimson Haze)
  • Iron Thorns ex (Crimson Haze)
  • Miraidon (Battle Academy)
  • Mewtwo (Battle Academy)
  • Girafarig (Crimson Haze)
  • Farigiraf (Crimson Haze)
  • Flittle (Battle Academy)
  • Espathra (Battle Academy)
  • Tinkaton (SV Gym Promo Series 4)
  • Greavard (Battle Academy)
  • Houndstone ex (Battle Academy)
  • Scream Tail ex (Crimson Haze)
  • Meditite (Battle Academy)
  • Medicham (Battle Academy)
  • Riolu (Battle Academy)
  • Lucario ex (Battle Academy)
  • Garganacl ex (SV Gym Promo Series 4)
  • Koraidon (Battle Academy)
  • Cornerstone Mask Ogerpon ex (Mask of Change)
  • Darkrai ex (Battle Academy)
  • Pawniard (Battle Academy)
  • Bisharp (Battle Academy)
  • Kingambit (Battle Academy)
  • Bombirdier (Battle Academy)
  • Jirachi (Battle Academy)
  • Meltan (Battle Academy)
  • Melmetal ex (Battle Academy)
  • Varoom (Battle Academy)
  • Revavroom (Battle Academy)
  • Applin (Crimson Haze)
  • Dipplin (Crimson Haze)
  • Tauros (Battle Academy)
  • Eevee (Battle Academy)
  • Snorlax (Battle Academy)
  • Bloodmoon Ursaluna ex (Crimson Haze)
  • Lechonk (Battle Academy)
  • Cyclizar (Battle Academy)
  • Caretaker (Crimson Haze)
  • Community Center (Crimson Haze)
  • Cook (Battle Academy)
  • Enhanced Hammer (Crimson Haze)
  • Lana's Care (Crimson Haze)
  • Love Ball (Crimson Haze)
  • Lucky Helmet (Crimson Haze)
  • Ogre's Mask (Mask of Change)
  • Perrin (Crimson Haze)
  • Picknicker (Battle Academy)
  • Raifort (SV Gym Promo Series 4)
  • Survival Cast (Crimson Haze)
  • Unfair Stamp (Crimson Haze)
  • Boomerang Energy (Crimson Haze)
  • IR Pinsir (Crimson Haze)
  • IR Infernape (Crimson Haze)
  • IR Phione (Crimson Haze)
  • IR Cramorant (Crimson Haze)
  • IR Applin (Crimson Haze)
  • FA Lana's Care (Crimson Haze)
  • FA Perrin (Crimson Haze)
  • SIR Bloodmoon Ursaluna ex (Crimson Haze)

Chase Cards

  • Teal Mask Ogerpon ex
  • Sinistcha ex
  • Magcargo ex
  • Armarouge ex
  • Hearthflame Mask Ogerpon ex
  • Wellspring Mask Ogerpon ex
  • Pikachu ex
  • Iron Thorns ex
  • Dragapult ex
  • Houndstone ex
  • Scream Tail ex
  • Lucario ex
  • Greninja ex
  • Garganacl ex
  • Cornerstone Mask Ogerpon ex
  • Darkrai ex
  • Melmetal ex
  • Bloodmoon Ursaluna ex


  • Caretaker
  • Community Center
  • Cook
  • Enhanced Hammer
  • Lana’s Care
  • Love Ball
  • Lucky Helmet
  • Ogre’s Mask
  • Perrin
  • Picknicker
  • Raifort
  • Survival Cast
  • Unfair Stamp


  • Boomerang Energy


  • Survival Cast
  • Unfair Stamp

These are all of the cards that will be available in the Twilight Masquerade set, according to the Just In Basil website. The set will be released on May 24th.

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