Pokémon's Newest Set Has Absurd Pull Rates!

Walking Wake

Walking Wake

Temporal Forces is the latest Pokémon TCG to release, having just hit shelves on March 22. Over the weekend, many booster packs and other sets of cards were sold for the new set, and it seems that Temporal Forces has the hardest pull rates yet when it comes to Special Illustration Rares and Hyper Rares.

Full Illustration Rares are cards that offer full art treatments with alternate art, making it tell a bigger story than just a picture of a Pokémon. This goes for Hyper Rare cards as well, which are Secret Rare cards that contain a full-art image but with different borders or accents. These can be gold cards, for example.

TCGplayer has shared the information on the Temporal Forces pull rates after just a couple of days. They used over 8,000 booster packs as a sample to see how often an illustration or Hyper Rare would be pulled, and the data is quite interesting. Below are the pull rates according to their findings:

Hyper Rare pull rates: Any HR: 1/139, Specific HR: 1/836

Special Illustration Rare: Any SIR: 1/86, Specific SIR: 1/855

Illustration Rare: Any IR: 1/13, Specific IR: 1/285

Ultra Rare: Any UR: 1/15, Specific UR: 1/270

Double Rare: Any DR: 1/20, Specific DR: 1/140

To give a further example, thanks to PokeBeach, these Special illustration Rares are about twice as rare as the Paradox Rift cards. These are becoming 2.7x rarer than other Scarlet and Violet card sets this far overall. In Temporal Forces, you are able to get 1 in 86 packs, but with Paradox Rift, a previous set, it was 1 out of 47, which is a big difference. With Hyper Rares, though, pull rates are 1 out of 139 for Temporal Forces, while Paradox Rift was 1 in 82.

In Temporal Forces, there are also brand new ACE SPEC cards. These are different types of item cards with pink, blue, and purple backgrounds, making them stand out from other item cards. These cards have a pull rate of 1 out of 20 and can be located in a booster pack's first reverse holo slot.

With all the data provided, it can be seen that the outcome is Temporal Forces is not an easy set to get rarer cards in, but it is still possible if collectors are willing to rip some extra packs.

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