The 5 Most Expensive Disney Lorcana Into the Inklands Cards

Artwork for Jafar, the Illusionist from Disney Lorcana
Credit: Ravensburger

Artwork for Jafar, the Illusionist from Disney Lorcana
Credit: Ravensburger

Disney Lorcana Into the Inklands has only been in stores a couple of weeks after its release on February 23, but cards are already starting to demand ridiculous amounts of money. That's what we are here to talk about today.

Ever since the release of Disney Lorcana back in August 2023, TCG players have been itching to collect these stunning cards. Thanks to failed trials of trying to score booster packs while every TCG store was completely sold out, everyone took to online retailers to purchase the cards they had to have for their collection. At least, that's how it used to be.

The latest series called Into the Inklands in Disney Lorcana has many powerful cards that are going for expensive prices. Today, we'll be talking about the top 5 most expensive ones. We will be excluding enchanted rare cards in this list and only talking about the most expensive legendary cards. Otherwise, this list would consist entirely of enchanted rares, which may not be useful information for anyone.

5. Kida Protector of Atlantis

Kida Protector of Alantis
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Credit: Disney Lorcana

Kida, Protector of Atlantis is stunning by itself, giving off a golden glow. This card, like many on our list, offers Shift. This allows users to pay 3 Ink to play the Protector of Atlantis on top of one of the existing Kida characters.

We Can Save Our Future may look defensive at first glance, but this is an ironically aggressive ability, removing 3 Strength from all characters until the end of your next turn. This gives you an opportunity to aggressively Quest with your characters without worrying about opposing characters taking them out.

This legendary card is ranked number 7 out of 204. The Ink Type is Amber and the card has been selling for about $9.82.

4. Jafar Striking Illusionist

Jafar Striking Illustration
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Credit: Disney Lorcana

Jafar's Striking Illusionist offers yet another Shift option for other Jafar cards, costing 5 to use.

Power Beyond Measure truly lives up to its name, allowing Jafar to become a fantastic win condition for slower, controlling Lorcana strategies. You can first Exert Jafar to Quest or remove an opposing threat. Under the protection of Evasive, Jafar can then turn your card draw into a direct win condition, gaining a Lore every time you draw a card during your turn.

Jafar can be Shifted and immediately sing A Whole New World. This can gain the user up to 7 Lore, which is a pretty lethal move.

This powerful legendary Jafar card is number 42 out of 204. The Amethyst type powerhouse has been selling for about $17.82.

3. Jim Hawkins Space Traveler

Jim Hawkins Space Traveler
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Credit: Disney Lorcana

Jim Hawkins is a character from the Disney movie Treasure Planet. The card can be really powerful if dealt a good hand when playing Disney Lorcana.

Hawkins creates a ton of value alongside a cheaper location in hand, playing it for free and essentially granting 9 Lore worth of value for just 5. To make things even better, Jim Hawkins can ignore any costs to move to a new Location. This allows him to jump to valuable Locations like Fang for free, gaining Ward and Evasive out of the blue.

Jim Hawkins, Space Traveler is a legendary card number 109 of 204. The 5 Ink has been selling for about $24.99. Players will mainly want this card because of its ability to perform well in challenges while providing a ton of free value. Jim Hawkins was one of the first to be revealed online when Inklands was being teased for the first time.

2. Ursula Deceiver Of All

Ursula Deceiver of All
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Credit: Disney Lorcana

Ursula's card, the Deceiver of All, has confused many players due to a printing error. She was supposed to be a Dreamborn but had a misprint of being a Storyborn. This, understandably, has caused a lot of confusion for players who own the cards only to see a different version online. The rare enchanted version of this card goes for a hot dollar, but the normal art version is going for about $30.77.

A big reason for Ursula's massive secondary market price tag is its ability What a Deal. True to its name, What a Deal essentially allows you to get two Songs for the price of one, re-casting a Song in your Discard pile for free whenever Ursula Sings. This puts a lot of pressure on your opponent to remove Ursula promptly. If they do not, Ursula will bury them under an incredible amount of value.

Since this card was printed wrong the first time, people believe that it adds extra value to the card. Misprints adding value is common within the TCG industry. Generally, the rarer the misprint, the more its worth to the right buyer.

1. Robin Hood Champion of Sherwood

Robin Hood Champion of Sherwood
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Credit: Disney Lorcana

The heroic outlaw Robin Hood is one to remember. This is yet another shift card, allowing players to spend 3 ink to play it on top of another character named Robin Hood.

Skilled Combatant basically allows Robin Hood to play double duty, gaining Lore while taking out opposing threats. The ability to essentially take two actions at once is a big reason why Robin Hood is so popular.

The Good of Others takes this card right over the top, making it so losing the card doesn't even put you behind in card advantage. Any Character Robin Hood takes out puts you ahead a card, and taking out a card doubles up on the actions Robin Hood takes. The ability to Shift, immediately Challenge a threat while gaining Lore, and replace itself on Banish makes Robin Hood one of the best cards in Into the Inklands.

This 5-ink card has been selling for about a shocking $39.90! This makes the legendary champion a fantastic card to add to any Steel deck.

That is the end of our list of the most expensive Disney Lorcana cards that are a part of the Into the Inklands series, not including enchanted rares. If anything, this list highlights just how important the Shift mechanic is to the Lorcana metagame right now.

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