Disney Lorcana Card Rarity Explained

Stitch from Disney Lorcana

Stitch from Disney Lorcana

Disney Lorcana has several different levels of rarity in its cards, making some more impressive or valuable than others. There are six different rarities, which can be determined by symbols on the bottom of the cards.

How Rare is My Disney Lorcana Card?

These symbols can be located on the very bottom of the card in the middle. You can expect to find the following different shapes: grey circle, white book, bronze triangle, silver square, gold pentagon, and rainbow hexagon. The idea behind this rarity system is that the rarer the card is, the more sides its symbol will have. Below is a detailed list outlining what each rarity means.


Disney Lorcana common symbol
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Credit: Disney Lorcana

Common cards can be identified by the grey circle on the bottom of the card. A single booster pack usually contains 6 of these cards. While these normally don't hold much value, having a decent number of them will help players fill out their decks quickly until they can collect the cards they really want.


Disney Lorcana uncommon card symbol
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Credit: Disney Lorcana

Uncommon cards are only slightly rarer than common cards, but are still relatively easy to find. You generally get three of these in a booster pack of Disney Lorcana. These don't hold as much value as other cards (they aren't the chase cards in a pack normally) but could be considered slightly more valuable than the common ones.


Disney Lorcana rare cards
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Credit: Disney Lorcana

Rare cards display a bronze triangle. Players can expect to open anywhere between zero and two of these out of a booster pack, making these cards a bit more valuable than the first few rarities. Prices on these range wildly depending on how desirable each card is to Lorcana players.

Generally, you're guaranteed to get one card of at least this rarity in your Lorcana packs. If you do not get a Rare Lorcana card in your pack. You should get a rarer card instead. If not, you may have received an error pack, and should consider contacting customer support.

Super Rare

Disney Lorcana Super Rare symbol
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Credit: Disney Lorcana

Super Rare cards can be identified by a silver diamond symbol. These are rarer than Rare cards, so you won't necessarily find one in every pack. That said, in a box of 24 Lorcana packs, you should expect to find more than ten of these. That said, numbers can vary per box.


Disney Lorcana Legendary symbol
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Credit: Disney Lorcana

Legendary cards have a golden pentagon displayed at the bottom of each card. These cards are a whole lot rarer than Enchanted cards. Do not expect to find one of these in most of your packs, but you can find 0-2 in a pack of Lorcana cards.

If you don't receive a rare card in your pack, you should receive a higher rarity card which is when you could receive one of these. A legendary can be pulled from 1-5 packs per box. A box of Disney Lorcana cards contains a total of 24 packs.


Disney Lorcana Enchanted
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Credit: Disney Lorcana

Enchanted cards can be identified by the rainbow hexagon at the bottom of the card. These are some of the rarest cards, and they go for high prices on the internet. You can only find one of these, at most, in a pack, and you need to be really lucky to pull one of these cards from a pack.

There are no mechanically unique Enchanted Rare cards as of the writing of this article. These cards instead feature alternative arts compared to the original cards. Players can expect to find an Enchanted Rare once in every 96 packs, or one card per four boxes.


Foil cards are 1 per booster pack and can be any of the original card designs for Disney Lorcana cards. This means that your foil slot could have a foil common, or a foil legendary card. They will have a shiny effect, which will make it obvious to separate them from other cards.

Inkwash Foil Treatment

Inkwash Foil is a new rare foil treatment that appears in the Into the Inklands set. They are basically Enchanted Rares that have character art from The First Chapter that covers the whole card - making it a full art card. The Inkwash Foil is where the card is covered in metallic shine and has a rainbow look across it.

We don't really know exactly how rare these cards are. We do know that these cards are, however, quite rare - perhaps comparable to Enchanted Rares.


Promo cards are ones that players can obtain by purchasing a certain product or attending a certain event. For example, if someone buys a special edition release of Disney Lorcana cards, sometimes they will come with a promo card. These can hold value depending on the character and the promo's age.

Each booster pack of Disney Lorcana contains a total of 12 cards, so all in all packs can contain 6 common cards, 3 uncommon cards, 2 rare cards, 2 super rare, 2 legendary, and 1 foil card from the list of cards. Note that you will not find all of these in a single pack. This is just what you could potentially find.

Something to note about Disney Lorcana cards is that every single one of the card designs has a foil and non-foil treatment. Enchanted Rare cards are the exception to this, providing unique artwork to another Disney Lorcana card.

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