Dragon Ball Super Card Game Announces Digital Release date Amongst Supply Issues

Goku with spiky blue hair and his signature gi
Credit: Bandai

Goku with spiky blue hair and his signature gi
Credit: Bandai

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Any seasoned TCG player should be familiar with supply issues. All of the biggest names in the industry constantly suffer from its effects. Whether a new card game, like Disney Lorcana, gets a much more positive reception than anticipated, or Magic: the Gathering’s newest release has a lot less supply than originally anticipated, supply issues, whether caused by misjudged demand or other accidents, make it difficult for TCG fans to play the games that they love, driving secondary market prices of affected products to the moon.

Today, Dragon Ball TCG fans had a major reason to rejoice. A new card game was announced to release today! The Dragon Ball Super Card Game Fusion World has its prerelease events go live today, meaning the product is officially available to purchase. You can read more about that here.

Unfortunately for players, the reception to a new Dragon Ball card game may have been better than anticipated. So many players are interested in trying the game out that stores are having a difficult time getting ahold of Dragon Ball card game products.

Product Supply Issues Announced

The official Dragon Ball Super Card Game Fusion World Twitter page has released a statement regarding the difficulty of getting ahold of requested prerelease allocations:

“We've received multiple reports from stores that were unable to procure their requested quantity of Booster Pack and Starter Deck products, including sufficient quantities of Starter Decks for Pre-Release event participants. We sincerely apologize to our players and stores regarding this matter.”

The same statement announced that stores can now order product “for Wave 2 of FUSION WORLD Booster Pack Set 1 and 2, and Starter Deck 1 through 4.” Sadly, these preorders are accompanied by a significant delay, arriving between April and May of this year.

While this delay may be discouraging for players, stores are still encouraged to make their preorders for this product. According to the statement, this will help Bandai figure out the appropriate supply to satiate the demand for the new Dragon Ball card game.

A Silver Lining

Amongst all this chaos, one good thing did come out of this unfortunate announcement: we have a tentative date for the release of the digital client for the Dragon Ball Super Card Game Fusion World! In this announcement, the official Twitter account also mentioned that the release for the digital client is scheduled for February 29. This should allow prospective players to try the game regardless of any supply issues.

Want to learn more about the new Dragon Ball Super Card Game? Check out the official website!

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