Exclusive Preview of Five New Hearthstone Cards

Card art for Whizbang the Wonderful depicted.
Credit: Blizzard Gaming

Card art for Whizbang the Wonderful depicted.
Credit: Blizzard Gaming

Whizbang is ready to unleash his workshop to the entire world! Hearthstone’s newest set releases this month. Coined Whizbang’s Workshop, the set delivers a reveal of all of Whizbang’s wackiest creations, ensuring that this celebration of the last decade of Hearthstone is both new and nostalgic.

While Whizbang’s Workshop releases March 19, you may be surprised to learn that not all the cards for this new set have been revealed yet. How do we know? We actually have some to share with you! We have five new cards to share for the Demon Hunter Class, and they look quite powerful.

To give players a quick recap on Demon Hunter’s current position in the metagame, there is a strategy available for Demon Hunter lovers that can compete at the top tables. As long as you dodge Warriors on your way to Legend, Spell Demon Hunter looks like a powerful strategy.

Some of our new arrivals appear to fit into this strategy like a glove. Without further ado, let’s look at all the new cards we have the privilege to preview today!

Lesser Opal Spellstone

Lesser Opal Spellstone from Whizbang's Workshop releasing March 19. Image depicts a medallion with foreign symbols inscripted around an opal jewel. Attached to the top of the bronze medallion is a purple ribbon. Card costs two to cast.
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Credit: Blizzard Gaming

Spellstones have a long history in the world of Hearthstone. These upgradable spells have made their marks on multiple Standard formats in the past. All of these spells have one similar thing in common: they upgrade when you perform a certain in-game action. Of course, this action differs for each Spellstone. The Jasper Spellstone for Druids, for example, grows when you gain a certain amount of Armor.

For the first time, we’re here to reveal the new Lesser Opal Spellstone! This Whizbang's Workshop spell comes rather cheap and can be a powerful tool to refill your hand. Upgrading it doesn’t seem too difficult either, as Demon Hunters have plenty of tools to attack with their Hero, including your Hero Power.

Upgrading your Spellstone should become particularly easy with the Legendary card Going Down Swinging. Assuming that each attack on an enemy creature counts as a separate attack, you could very well fully upgrade your Spellstones just by using this one card. Otherwise, the ever-popular Dispose the Evidence and Chaos Strike should grant many opportunities to easily upgrade your Spellstones.

Sadly, at the time of writing, we are unaware of what the upgraded version of this Spellstone looks like. Judging from how easy this Spellstone is to upgrade, and how cheap the cost to cast is, I would assume that each upgrade draws an extra card. A two-cost card that draws three cards (potentially) seems absolutely incredible. I would not be surprised if this sees a ton of play.

Red Card

An epic rare card named Red Card in the upcoming Whizbang's Workshop Hearthstone set. Card art depicts a demon-like entity holding up a red card, similarly found in a game of soccer/football, to the reader. Card costs one to cast.
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Credit: Blizzard Gaming

A new epic spell for Demon Hunters coming in Whizbang's Workshop, Red Card offers a pretty straightforward effect. The card forces a minion of your choosing to go Dormant for two turns.

To recap, Dormant basically means that the card will be locked away, unable to be affected or used by anyone until the Dormant period ends. This is akin to sealing away a minion of your choice for two turns.

This card is certainly a strange one, but it has a lot of potential. The card is rather cheap and can buy Demon Hunter players a lot of time if their strategy gets past aggressive early games.

A question I ask when looking at this card is if there’s ever a time when you want to make your own minion go Dormant. Say, for example, Demon Hunter has access to a death combo that requires a creature to survive a turn for it to go off. If you’re playing a slower strategy with this death combo as a win condition, you could make your own minion go Dormant so your opponent could not interact with it until it's too late.

Spirit of the Team

A new Rare minion releasing in the upcoming Whizbang's Workshop set. Card art depicts  a spirit cheering for its team. Card has 0/3 in stats, and costs two to cast
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Credit: Blizzard Gaming

Want some help upgrading your Spellstones? Spirit of the Team is a rather interesting rare minion from Whizbang's Workshop that grants your Hero two attack. To sweeten the deal, Spirit of the Team gains temporary Stealth, meaning that you can expect at least two attacks out of this card. Even after the Stealth leaves, your opponent still has to spend resources dealing with the minion, lest they want to keep getting attacked by your Hero. This seems quite powerful as long as the two attack it gives to your Hero lines up with the established metagame.

Workshop Mishap

A new rare Fel spell named Workshop Mishap releasing in Whizbang's Workshop. Card image depicts a Demon in distress looking at something burning in green fire below. Card costs four to cast.
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Credit: Blizzard Gaming

Workshop Mishap is a rare from Whizbang's Workshop that takes some time to set up, but if you get it right, it can provide a massive Tempo swing to the game state. Having excess damage dealt to both neighboring minions, if we understand it correctly, means that you can gain more than just five life when Outcasting.

Overall, this card can buy a lot of time and destroy a lot of minions, making it quite a powerful tool if you’re trying to set up a deeper combo. Combined with Red Card, this can grant both a lot of time and some protection to establish a flashy win.

Of course, Workshop Mishap being a Fel spell also means you can Discover Workshop Mishap from Taste of Chaos. This may be just as big of a deal as the new card itself. All in all, if you’re trying to go later into the game with Demon Hunter, Workshop Mishap seems decent!

Ball Hog

Image depicts the common minion Ball Hog releasing in the upcoming Whizbang's Workshop Hearthstone set. Card art depicts a Quillboar with purple features holding a yellow ball in its left hand with its right hand outstretched, palm open, towards the camera. Card costs four to cast, and has 3/3 in stats.
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Credit: Blizzard Gaming

Yet another card that helps Demon Hunter get to the late game, Ball Hog is a common minion from Whizbang's Workshop that offers a decent body on top of six damage’ worth of Lifesteal. Sadly, you cannot control where this damage goes, as Ball Hog just hits the thing with the least amount of life that your opponent controls. Funny moments of the Hog ending your opponents aside, this usually means that the Hog will kill something if the option is available.

This does have some anti-synergy with Workshop Mishap, as that card doesn’t want you killing off low-health creatures that can cause a lot of excess damage to neighbors. That said, this can easily be fixed with some sequencing.

All in all, these cards look pretty interesting for Demon Hunter players everywhere. Lesser Opal Spellstone looks incredibly exciting, able to see play in multiple archetypes. The other three cards lend themselves to strategies that want to buy more time or set up deadly combos but certainly have the tools to help your Demon Hunter decks get to the late game.

What do you think about Hearthstone’s newest Demon Hunter cards? If you’re as excited to try them out as we are, Whizbang's Workshop releases on March 19.

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